MySnack Brand Guidlines

About the brand

You have opened the guidlines of MySnack brand. The logo itself is important but really a small part of who we are. Concept of the brand includes different elements, communication and the rules that we agreed to bring forward the brand and make it grow.

On this page you find guidance how to use MySnack brand elements so it would be consistent, steady and brings out our values.

If you have questions, don’t improvise, ask for help:


Our mission is to change peoples nutrition healthier. Don’t eat crap!


Our vision is to diversify snack culture in Estonia and in countries around us by providing healthy, tasty and nutritious snacks.

Stay healthy with food!


Healthy and pure

100% tasty!

Our main target groups

– Kooliõpilased: põhikool, keskkool, ülikool
– Tööinimesed: vahetusega töötajad (nt autojuhid) ja kontoriinimesed
– Tööandjad (snäkimasinad, hulgimüük)
– Noorpere (värsked emad)
– Harrastussportlased


We are kind and warm:

“You are always welcome”

We know what we talk about:

“We can help you”

We let people to make a desision themselves:

“Please, come and try, you might like it”


We are not official:

“We expect to meet you in our office”

We are not arrogant:

“We know better what you need”

We don’t agitate:

“Buy it – you’ll love it”

The logo

Usage of the logo

The MySnack logo has its safe zone, that we kindly ask to respect.

Don’t over use logo or its elements and slogan on the same design. Remember – less is more.


strech the logo


tear, cut or move around different parts of the logo


change main colors other than shown in CVI


mix main logo with other colors that are not shown in CVI


ENG: Smart snacks for busy people!

FIN: Fiksuja välipaloja kiireisille ihmisille!

EST: Kasulikud snäkid aktiivsele inimesele!



MySnack main color is GREEN SPRING.


RGB 0:183:55
CMYK 78:0:100:0

On our marketing materials we also use secondary colors to express brands nature.


RGB 47:92:0
CMYK 100:0:70:28


RGB 179:222:108
CMYK 19:0:51:13


RGB 173:219:196
CMYK 21:0:11:14


RGB 255:202:0
CMYK 0:21:100:0


RGB 237:207:167
CMYK 0:13:30:7


MySnack typography reflect both playfulness and excitement as much as pure and minimalistic style. Contrasted strong title and soft, modern content texts.
Balance among playful colors and detailed packaging the usage of fonts are rather minimalistic and confidence building.

Italic is only used to mark comments of foreign words and Bold is bring forward very important or specific part of the text.

Arial is used in documents, e-mails and other official materials where main fonts are not possible to use.

Titels (Knight Brush)

Primary bodytexts (Cocogoose Pro)

Quotes / scripts (Knight Brush)



Due to the wide assortment and very detailed design on brand’s own products the visuals should be rather more simple and minimalistic. Details used on product packages can be bring out on other designs:

  • random color spots
  • “brushed” lines
  • fruit illustrations

Follow the main design principles and colors when using patterns and elements.

Use smoothe and round elements and avoid sharp corners if possible.


Icons are used where it’s necessary to bring out some specific quality of the product. Usually icons are used on products label, on the websaite and on some marketing materials generally. 

“100% TASTY” is most used icon that is obligatory to use when ever any other icon(s) are used.

HIGH IN FIBER, HIGN IN IRON etc. icons represent high quantity of specific mineral or vitamin (in Estonia at least 7% of daily value of a nutrient each day based on a 2000 calorie diet).
NOT allowed to use icons like HIGH IN MINERALS/VITAMINS; SOURCE OF OMEGA-6 etc.

design principles


Brand social media visuals and marketing activity should carry the same values as the brand in general – to be cheerful, colorful, respectful and close to nature, emphasis on the message, not on too many details.

Graphic design altenate with pictures gives an opportunity highlight the brand values and message. Content must be authentic and emotion-oriented. Avoid direct sales and heavily promoted shopping messages. Organic content should be more oppressive to feelings, include tricks and recommendations, recipe ideas and reminders, be educational. Direct sales messages on social media should rather be placed to advertising content and/or email marketing.